About Us

Since our inception in the mid-1980s, cad Design has established a strong brand reputation in medical and healthcare interior design industry. 


As a design specialist for hospitals, general and dental clinics, beauty centre, medical research and healthcare-related facilities, our team serves a plethora of local Hong Kong clients, for whom we customize our services in view of their different needs and requirements.


Over the years, we have acquired a depth of professional know-how and expertise in designing medical and healthcare facilities, from concept to completion. Our spectrum of services includes everything from consultancy to design, space planning, project management, cost planning and several others. For each project, we assign an experienced support team, typically comprising project director, project manager, designers and other professionals.


Our Philosophy


Based on an intuitive understanding of how a built-in environment interacts with its inhabitants, we endeavor to serve and support the various users and stakeholders of any healthcare facility we design - from patients to medical nursing and administrative personnel, visitors and even the cleaners.


Fostering a healing environment

Patient well being is affected by treatment as well as environment. cad Design envisions its role as creating a therapeutic environment, where every effort is made to it as unthreatening, comfortable and stress-free as possible. We accomplish this by using cheerful and varied colours and textures, admitting natural light where possible, providing outdoor views and implementing noise barriers, for instance.

Optimizing workflow efficiency for healthcare staff

Creating a workspace that would promote the most efficient workflow is also a top priority, and we put a lot of energy into designing the work area. cad Design works with medical staff and other representatives from the client’s side and our own interior designers to optimize day-to-day workflows and operations of healthcare centres or clinics during the design process.

Facilitating sanitation and sterilization

Sanitation is a major concern in a clinical setting where every attempt must be made towards preventing disease outbreaks. To this end, cad Design has the knowledge and skills to design functional spaces that are easy to clean and maintain, with the use of the most up-to-date building material, waste disposal systems and sterilization equipment such as ultrasound and autoclave devices.

Addressing health and safety issues

cad Design is also highly experienced in designing facilities, including high-density concrete, lead-lined walls, magnetic-shielded, steel enclosures and several others that meet radiation board requirements.

Supporting sustainability

We support sustainability by various means throughout our project, starting from design concept to project completion. Our designers carefully select materials that protect patient health and do minimal harm to our environment by ethical sourcing. During the construction period, work processes materials and wastes are being sorted by our workers for recycling purpose.