Our Services

Corporate Identities

Signages in hospitals and healthcare centres today have to convey the corporate images and brand identities of these institutions and add to the customer experience. Specializing in the design of logos and other symbols of corporate identities, cad Design works to understand your brand and within a given space, communicates its power and messages to the intended audience. We provide complete brand solutions, from design to fabrication, for lobbies, visitors’ reception areas, entrances and other designated spaces within a healthcare-related environment.


cad Design is a trusted adviser to the healthcare industry. Our team is equipped with both the knowledge and expertise to help clients develop intelligent strategies and informed decisions from facility design to construction.

We interview, listen, discuss, observe and work with clients together to define issues and explore options. We also advise clients on how design ideas and project requirements, including equipment layout, can be implemented in a well-managed, cost-effective process.

Our consultations can effectively cover details such as the maintainability and life-cycle costs and environmental impacts from different options in the ventilation, flooring, walls, noise insulation and upholstery of healthcare facilities.

Space planning

Space planning for a hospital or health facility is not a simple matter of determining the space dimensions at so many square feet. In this area, cad Design takes into account the average number of patients, work stations, treatment and examination rooms, traffic flow and project future growth. On the whole, we take into account these variables and more to evaluate a space in determining suitability for the intended function or practice, while optimizing its use for efficiency and productivity, to design your space plan with the corresponding layouts.

Interior Design

Our interior designers create attractive hospital, clinical, dental and retail environments that blend a pleasant ambience with cost effective, innovative, yet practical design decisions in the use of materials, furnishings, finishes and lighting.

Familiar with the unique needs of various medical specialties, we design interiors to support the functions that a space is intended for. For example, certain healthcare facilities may require durable, smooth flooring to accommodate patients with wheelchairs and other mobility aids We are also particularly concerned with the composition of materials used. For instance, washable vinyl wallpapers, floor vinyl and seamless joints are preferable to any porous surfacing and carpets, to ensure disease-spreading germs are not trapped and proliferate in these finishings.

Environmental Design

Developed from well over a decade of hands-on interiors design experience, our environmental design approach seeks to realize a successful interaction of patients, medical staff, medical-centre and clinic personnel as well as visitors and guests within a given physical space, together with the services or products provided in this context, yet offering the privacy they require.

Through on-site research and spatial analysis, we determine how users are currently interacting with the physical space, their behaviour and traffic flow patterns and how all these can be improved by designing the environment in certain ways.

Quality Control

Consistently high quality is ensured through strict quality control procedures every step of the way. This means that we follow through the entire process from concept and planning stage to completion, always inspecting and monitoring the project to ensure architectural form and function complement each other and that the original design intent is realized.

A high quality outcome, executed with discipline and within the constraints of time and budget, is a key factor behind cad Design’s professionalism in health facilities design.

Budget Control

With an eye for budget control, our team works follows up on decision-makers and their representatives, for the project to be completed in a cost-efficient manner, with optimum cost planning. Throughout the process, we check back to our budget to ensure the project is right on track..

Project Management

At cad Design, we believe effective project management calls for undivided attention to detail, cost-efficient resource management, cost planning, open and collaborative communication with all parties involved and a singular client focus.

Operationally, our project management role covers extensive ground, including budget preparation, tendering of contracts, overseeing project schedule, selection and coordination of building and contracting professionals.